Why you need on-demand courier services in Northern Virginia
September 21, 2020 at 7:00 AM
Express delivery service in DC helps grow your business.

Many businesses, especially those that deal with products and other tangible goods, need on-demand courier services to function properly and maintain good standing with their customers.

Without it, shipping and delivery can become much less reliable. Clients and customers may become impatient and angry with delays in receiving their packages. However, there are many more reasons why every business should have on-demand courier services as part of their delivery options.

Here are three reasons why you need on-demand courier services in Northern Virginia and beyond.

1. Your clients and customers can count on accurate delivery dates and times

Unlike postal services, which only provide an estimated date range for delivery, courier services are able to provide delivery dates that are accurate down to the time of delivery for your package.

Customers and clients typically prefer these options because they can plan their day around these deliveries, which becomes especially important for expensive or fragile packages.

Businesses can also count on pre-scheduled deliveries, where courier services factor in delivery times into their operations to ensure that priority packages get delivered at the stated time.

With either of these options, on-demand courier services allow businesses to narrow down delivery windows for their customers. This translates into better customer experience for the receivers, which reflects back on your own company as well.

2. You add more flexibility to your operations

Most business owners will tell you it’s nearly impossible to determine exactly when you need to make deliveries. And oftentimes, when you do need them, the slower delivery times of traditional courier or postal services are much too slow for your needs.

On-demand courier services allow you to find couriers when — and only when — you need them. You may find that some of them even offer same-day delivery as well.

Many of these companies will also offer competitive delivery rates and accurate estimated delivery times too, which makes the switch to on-demand courier services even easier.

3. You cut costs for your business operation

As mentioned in the previous section, planning for your deliveries can be a headache to organize. Some larger businesses have worked around this by purchasing and maintaining a dedicated fleet of their own, so they’d have people on hand at all times to make deliveries when needed.

However, this isn’t feasible for the vast majority of companies.

On-demand services make quick delivery accessible for all businesses — there’s no need to buy a fleet of vehicles and pay for their routine maintenance, and there’s no need to hire and train drivers for your fleet either.

Many drivers that participate in on-demand courier services are ones that are already on the road, so it becomes more efficient for all parties involved and can bring down your costs even further.

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